Shield Maiden

"A Shield Maiden?" Nil-Ar-Na leaned forward eagerly.

Naar-La's eyes raised.

"I must have told you the stories?"

"Well, You told me of Creation, the War of the Gods, The Birth of the Enai, The Year of Silence, The-" Nil-Ar-Na's grandmother raised her hand and she fell silent.

"Our little friend here should know them well." Naar-La gave a single nod and looked back down at her cupped hands. "Shield Maidens are a branch of Wanai Paladins. They focus on keeping us safe. They protect our lives from the evil that infects our world. The Goddess blesses them with great magic and strength, and it's said that one Maiden can protect 1,000 people. The first -"

Magic, strength, and beauty are what I wanted to convey in the shield maiden. Though she's in the midst of an onslaught, she's not afraid. She stops the magic of the enemy with her magic. Her shield is strapped to her back for when things get serious. Even the grass under her skirt is kept safe. These girls are tanks.