ILM Challenge: The Job

This is a simulation of working as a concept artist in a production environment. It will be fast-paced. Expectations will be high. Directions may be vague and could be changed at the last minute… But hey, all in a days work at ILM. This phase will be time consuming; turnovers will be quick and may interfere with your daily schedules.

Jason licht the job 01v2

Escape from Hoth

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Danji Speeder

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Danji Starfighter

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Danji Capital Ship

Jason licht the job 03

Rebel and Danji meeting in a cavernous planet.

Jason licht the job 04

Rebel and Danji meeting on a desolate, volcanic planet.

Jason licht swana licht

Swana, the Danji warrior princess.

Jason licht the job 06

Meeting at the cantina.